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Home Page   Our Mission:  Biomass To Renewable Fuels
Upgrading Camelina Seedoil to Biodiesel and Aviation Fuels. Processing Camelina Solid Meal to FDA Approved Feed Additives For Cattle, Poultry, Swine and Turkeys.

Camelina Sativa - Sustainable Feedstock
HPP Hill Petro Products, Inc. is located in Atlanta, Georgia.    
Hill Petro Products Trinidad is incorporated in San Fernando, Trinidad 
HPP is a supplier of commodities and raw material to industrial consumers, manufacturer of disposable products, processor of sustainable feedstock and renewable fuels.  Our role is to be a reliable and competitive partner to businesses in the segments of the market which we serve and to support these businesses as they expand and develop.  Our customers rely upon our established global network of operations as a source of petroleum based fuels, renewable fuels and disposable products.  HPP also provides international marketing strategies and services.
Air Force Jet Using 50/50 Camelina Blend
Click Link Below - B-roll of a test flight of an AirForce A-10 flying withbiofuel that is derived from the Camelina plant. Scenes include the aircraft being filled with biofuel, preparing to take off, flying, landing and sound bites from the pilot and the AFCO Director. Video by (in-flight) SMSgt. Joy Josephson and (on the ground) TSgt. Peter Blanding

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) are both strongly committed to expanding the role of biomass as an energy source.  In particular, they support biomass fuels and products as a way to reduce the need for oil and gas imports; to support the growth of agriculture, forestry, and rural economies; and to foster major new domestic industries—biorefineries—making a variety of fuels, chemicals, and other products.  The Biomass R&D Technical Advisory Committee, a panel established by the Congress to guide the future direction of federally funded biomass R&D, envisioned a 30 percent replacement of the current U.S. petroleum consumption with biofuels by 2030.  Biomass has great potential to provide renewable energy for America’s future.  In addition to the many benefits common to renewable energy, biomass is particularly attractive because it is the only current renewable source of liquid transportation fuel. 


The opportunity for economic growth resides in the processing of these oilseeds and other suitable feedstocks produced on the State and local level into sustainable aviation fuel. The new fuel can be used by airlines in the States thus reducing air pollution and providing another market for State produced oilseeds while creating a value added market for high protein meal which is a by-product. The benefits of sustainable aviation fuel go far beyond the clean burning nature of the product. Sustainable aviation fuel is a renewable resource helping reduce the economy's dependency on limited resources and imports.


 As our team researched the future of fuels we arrived at the consensus it would be advantageous for HPP to position herself as an integrated organization that manages camelina feedstock growth and harvesting, processing the seed oil, upgrading to second generation aviation fuel, and distribution to airports and U.S. military installations. HPP has designed the Kirhil mobile processor that would shorten the harvesting process of the camelina feedstock and reduce the transport time to the biorefinery. 


                                                                                       HPP AG Brand Wood Bio Pellets

                        Environmentally Friendly

  • 8,400 BTU Output Per Pound

  • Clean Burn

  •  Low Ash Content, bio-pellet ash is a natural material rich in   potash that can be usually spread over the lawn or dug into the garden as a fertilizer without causing any harm. Ash works to increase Ph levels in the soil, thus resulting in more acidic (and rich) fertilizer, complimenting plants which require strong acidic soil conditions.

  • Eco Friendly

  • 40lb Bags with 50 bags/pallet – 1 Ton   22 pallets/truck load

Hill Petro Products, Inc.(404)482-1356